Sossusvlei & Walvis Bay


We arrived at Greenfire Desert Camp with high hopes for our first desert experience, and we were not let down. Sleeping under the stars, long walks in the desert and breathtaking sunsets made life a breeze (excuse the pun)!

We were lucky to experience the most amazing weather at Sossusvlei, and from climbing Dune 45 (in about 45 degree heat), to flying Shiri (our drone – “bird” in Shona) over various other dunes and searching for the perfect dune for a sunset shot – we experienced all that Sossusvlei has to offer. We were even fortunate enough to view an extremely relaxed Aardwolf on the way out. All before we had a little run-in with the security guard for leaving too late! We lost track of time as a result of the excitement!

High hopes and a jolly spirit turned into desperation and despair as a 100km/h sandstorm arrived after returning to camp, which put our plans of sleeping under the stars to bed. Scrambling to put tents up in the dark, in the middle of a blizzard – not an easy task, even for experienced folk like us!

Onwards and upwards to Walvis Bay we headed and were eager to arrive in warm and sunny conditions. A quad biking trip was enough to lift the spirits. Old Willie managed to get stuck and decided to push the throttle as had as he could, when in doubt give it more power, only to get more stuck and cover me in the red sand of the desert. I think Dune 7 might be slightly smaller after we were done with it.

Birding expeditions into Walvis Bay are always a privilege, and on a cold foggy morning, we were able to find the most incredible Dune Lark! He sang and danced and displayed for us for over 20 minutes. Truly one of my greatest birding experiences and definitely worthy of the bird of the trip (so far) for me!

We’ll be leaving civilization for a few weeks as we head off in search of Namibia’s remaining beauty and lifers!


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