Orange River & Fish River Canyon

We were a few days into our trip and across the border into our first country – Namibia! Excitement levels were high and we only had a short distance to cover to get to our camp, Felix Unite Provenance Camp on the Orange Fiver. The campsite is ideal, with a lapa, big table, wifi, and a lekker bar overlooking the swimming pool and the Orange River. We even pitched our tents on GRASS!!! Something we will be unlikely to experience again soon! As one fellow traveler said at the border crossing when we asked him how Namibia was: “Dusty!”

On our first morning there we went for a day canoe cruise on the river, enjoying the peacefulness and drinking ice cold Castle Lights on a Monday morning – not a bad way to start the week! Stu and I had both stayed at Felix before so it was nice to be back after a few years and getting out onto the water is always great!

Next stop was the Fish River Canyon. We camped at a place called Ai-Ais – “Place of Burning Water”. So called, as there is a hot spring there with a water temperature of 65 degrees! They feed the water into a massive swimming pool at the camp so Stu and I enjoyed a nice long swim (the pool temperature is more around 35 degrees).

The Fish River Canyon itself is spectacular! It’s the second biggest canyon in the world after the Grand Canyon. I had visited the Grand Canyon a few years ago and didn’t know if the Fish would be disappointing or not… But it certainly wasn’t! Up to 600m deep and 27km across at it widest point – it was VERY impressive! We got there early in the morning so we could get some good light for photos and we enjoyed a cup of coffee and breakfast on our gas cooker overlooking the canyon – yet another great way to start the day!



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