Augrabies National Park


Augrabies National Park – our first of many we plan on visiting on our African adventure! We had arrived!

You are allowed to walk around freely in the park as there is no dangerous game so we did a lot of it! Our first afternoon we walked the short Gorge Trail along the rocky canyon top which was beautiful but not too much action to report on in terms of wildlife and birdlife, other than a cool tortoise.

Next day we were out walking again, this time on the longer Dassie Trail which is about 5 km. Again it was pretty quiet but we just took in the scenery and enjoyed being out in the bush – what this trip is largely about. The highlight was climbing up a massive rock known and Moon Rock – shaped like a….. yes, you guessed it J, which provided excellent views of the surrounding canyon and desert.

One of the highlights from Augrabies were the Quiver Trees! They are epic succulent trees that are beautifully conspicuous in the otherwise flat, arid landscape. Often occupied with massive nests made by Sociable Weavers, we spent a good few hours looking for big ones to take photos of (check out the video to see the best one we could find!).

And yes, the Falls themselves! They are impressive, yet slightly overrated. I think we were there at the start of the dry season so we didn’t see them at their best! Yet, they are still 60m tall so were very cool to watch and admire. They have a well-developed walkway offering different viewing points of the falls and also have spotlights up at night, which provided a completely different feel and it was almost spooky to stand there in the night, alone (well I had Stu Dogg with me!), and watch them. We were a couple brandy’s down at this stage and Stu took a wee off the platform into the falls which

was a good lag!

We followed the nighttime falls watching to a little night walk in the park – our adventurous and exploring vibes in full swing! We saw a few sets of eyes but couldn’t get to ID anything, unfortunately. Seems like Augrabies National Park is very much like that, fairly quiet in terms of animals, but vast and beautiful and well worth a visit if you that side of South Africa.


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